James Rollins

“Tracker: A Short Story Exclusive” by James Rollins

Genre: Thriller

This is a short story prequel to “Bloodline” by James Rollins.

Ex-Army Ranger and dog handler, Tucker Wayne, and his faithful companion (and his military superior), Kane, are enjoying coffee at a bistro in Budapest, Hungary.

Kane is a Belgian Malinois and was trained to act as Tucker’s right hand man in Afghanistan.  As a civilian, Kane still helps Tucker when the need arises.

And the need arises now as Tucker spots a woman being followed by thugs. The woman is in danger, and Tucker and Kane know how to eliminate that danger.

Saving Aliza, we find out that $92 million in gold was hidden away somewhere in Budapest by Nazi Erhard Bock.  Only recently, Aliza’s History professor father, has discovered it’s location.

But others want the gold…..and will kill to get it.

To find out what happens, you will have to read the short story.

Since James Rollins is a veterinarian, this book rings true as to the capabilities of a highly trained military dog.  A fun, very fast, read only 32 pages long.


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