Short Story Summary: “The Skeleton Key” by James Rollins

A bit of a backstory on assassin, Seichan…..

Waking up suddenly with a “knife” at her neck, Seichan finds out that is it a remote controlled collar squeezing her neck.

Trying to get the collar off results in a shock that knocks her off her feet for a few moments.

Guess that won’t work.

Seichan hears a groan in the bathroom of this hotel room and upon investigation she finds a guy, Renny, in the exact same situation.


A phone call to the room solves the mystery.

If Seichan fails the assigned task….both her and Renny will die.

This short story is one of many Sigma Force related short stories in the book “Unrestricted Access”.

More James Rollins ( I read more than several books by Rollins before I became TracyReaderDad)


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