Book Review: “Vicious Circle” by C.J. Box

Genre: Thriller

“That was just after ear number two came off and I told him I’d stick my fingers up his nose and rip it off next. So it was a two-ear confession. Those are the best kind, you know. The most reliable.”

If you follow the Joe Pickett series you know who the above quote is from, if not…..time to start reading. 🙂

Two years after the events of the last book (“Off the Grid”) ex-rodeo hero and generally nasty guy, Dallas Cates, has been released from prison and is plotting revenge.

While in prison, Dallas has made friends with two other really nice guys: Brutus and The Weasel.

Together, and with an unknown female accomplice, the revenge plot is set into motion.

The very thin, meth-ed out female accomplice, visits April (Joe’s middle daughter, and ex-GF of Dallas) and her roommate, Joy Bannon, at college and mistakenly stabs Joy instead of April.

Now understanding that Dallas is on the hunt for the Pickett’s, Joe sends the family away for protection and proceeds to hunt Dallas down.

With help from his friend, Nate Romanowski, Joe slowly unravels the clues needed to; find Dallas and his band of assholes, understand how Dallas has the money to hire the best lawyers, and try to anticipate Dallas’s next move so he can finally be stopped.

The body count rises as Joe and Nate close in. But a surprise enemy pops up endangering everyone….will Joe and Nate survive this surprise attack?

To find out, you need to read the book.

“Vicious Circle” is #17 in the Joe Pickett (a Wyoming Game warden) series, and is absolutely fantastic. A fast, brutal, thriller that leaves you gasping for air. Make sure your ears are covered.



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