Book Review: “Off the Grid” by C. J. Box

Genre: Thriller

Nate Romanowski and Liv Brannan have been living off the grid after the events in “Endangered”.

Nate is happy to fly his falcons and live the simple life. Unfortunately, Liv’s mother gets sick and Liv needed to call her to arrange for a visit.

These phone calls were monitored by the Gov’t allowing them to find Nate. Special agents visited Nate to coerce him to help them understand what is happening in the Red Desert.  If he succeeds (meaning if he survives) the agents promise that all charges against Nate and Liv will be forgiven, allowing them to lead a normal life back on the grid.

Liv visits her mom and Nate takes his birds to visit (and gather information from) another falconer in the Red Desert, Mohammad Ibraaheem (Ibby), who is suspected to be the leader of terrorists.

Gov. Rulon’s term as governor is almost up, but, he has one last special task for Joe Pickett: To find Nate in the Red Desert and find out what is going on.

Sheridan Pickett is in her senior year (time flies!) at the University of Wyoming and reluctantly agrees to accompany her roommate on a “camping” trip to the Red Desert.

These plot lines collide as Sheridan, Nate, and Joe find themselves involved in shocking and violent events in the middle of nowhere.

“Off the Grid” is a fantastic, timely, book mixing technology, falconry, politics, terrorism, and personal peril into a fast action-packed read.

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