C.J. Box

Book Review: “Trophy Hunt” by C.J. Box

Trophy Hunt
4.5-Watertowers(Thrilling Read)

Genre: Mystery

Fishing with his daughters, Wyoming Game Warden, Joe Pickett,  stumbles upon a dead moose.

This moose had been dead for awhile, but, no predators have taken a bite. Very odd.  The moose was also mutilated in a very precise manner.  It’s face was removed (as if done with a surgeons knife), it’s genitals and anus removed with the same surgical skill.

Coming back the next day with his necropsy kit, the moose was missing.  Joe found it some distance away and determined it had been dragged there by the rouge grizzly that had been reported in the area.

Heading back into town, Joe hears a report of some cows that had been mutilated in the same manner.  Sure enough, the same kind of mutilations.

Rumors fly and the town of Saddlestring, Wyoming is under a cloud.

To add blackness to that cloud, two men were found dead with the same mutilations.

Birds?  Grizzly? Aliens? or  Murder?

It is up to Joe (with help from his loner friend Nate) to figure out what is going on.

Do they?

To find out, you have to read “Trophy Hunt”.  It is not for the easily upset since the mutilations are explained in great detail, but, it is a fascinating book, easy to read and exciting to the very end.

Read this WikiPedia article talking about cattle mutilations. 

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