C.J. Box

“The Highway” by C. J. Box

Genre: Thriller


A long distance truck driver is a serial killer. Cody Hoyt and Cassie Dewell investigate, but, they may die in the process…

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Cody Hoyt is a terrific cop with the best arrest record on the force.

His only fault, is that he sometimes crosses the legal line when pursing criminals. Oh, and, he is also a pain in the ass.

His new partner, rookie Investigator Cassie Dewell, was ordered by the Sheriff to catch Cody planting evidence at the scene of a murder.

She does and Cody is fired.

Sisters Danielle and Gracie are driving to visit their dad for Thanksgiving. The engine light is on, and Danielle decides to go visit her old boyfriend (Cody’s son) in Helena, Montana instead of going to see dear old dad.

Long haul trucker, the Lizard King, stops at truck stops and picks up prostitutes (lot lizards). He kidnaps them, takes them to a specially outfitted basement, sadistically abuses them, then kills them.

The Lizard King and his partner in crime want fresh meat…… and two teenage girls driving alone fit the bill.

After the text messages from the girls to Cody’s son stop outside of Gardiner, Montana; Cody and Cassie are the only ones who can, hopefully, find the missing girls before they freeze to death…..or…..suffer a much worse fate.

“The Highway” is a stand alone thriller by C. J. Box. It is brutal, gory, fast paced, with twists and turns that will shock you out of your shoes.

Terrific book, hard to put down, harder to forget.


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