Book Review: “Long Range” by C.J. Box

Genre: Thriller

And ONE Ear

“Long Range” takes place 6 months after the massacre in the last book. We now have a new Sheriff, new County Prosecutor, new Doctor. Saddlestring, Wyoming has changed……for the better? Ah, NO!

Joe Pickett is helping out a fellow Game Warden near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

A hunting guide has been killed by a possibly rogue grizzly and Joe and his fellow game wardens are on horseback searching for the body.

Then: Joe gets a call to return to Saddlestring….NOW.

A helicopter picks Joe up (leaving his pickup in Jackson) and brings him back home where he finds that Judge Hewitt’s wife, Sue, has been shot while preparing dinner in the couple’s home.

Joe’s expertise is needed by the Judge, but, not by the new, arrogant, self-serving, incompetent, Sheriff Kapelow.

An investigation into the shooting has started, and Kapelow is firmly in charge.

Nate Romanowski and Liv now have an infant daughter, Kestral, and their falconry business is thriving: Yarak, Inc.

Nate is a bit out of his element as a family man living a normal life on the grid when an FBI agent drives up and tells Nate that he may be the target of the cartel responsible for the massacre’s of the last book. Nate killed several of their members and revenge is in the offing.

Kapelow gets a tip on Sue’s shooter and arrests…….


All hell breaks loose on several fronts and everyone is in danger from a sniper that kills from a mile or two away, the cartel, a crazed grizzly, and a Sheriff who puts himself before the investigation and facts.

Can Joe save Nate? Who survives and who dies? Who loses his ear?

To find out, you will have to read the book.

“Long Range” starts by following a flight of a long range bullet, second by second, as it flies from the mountain top, over trees, a golf course and eventually into Sue’s body.

Then: the book gets more violent from there.

But….only one ear flies off…..Nate is slipping. 🙂

This is a TREMENDOUS book (#20 in the Joe Pickett series) that I simply could not put down.

Note: I borrowed the “Then:” thing from the book, I hope C.J. Box does not mind.

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