C.J. Box

Book Review: “Breaking Point” by C.J. Box


In this, the 13th book in the Joe Pickett series, two EPA special agents are found dead on the property of Saddlestring resident, Butch Roberson.

Before he knew what was happening, Joe wandered into Butch as he was checking water guzzlers in the wilderness.  They chatted, but, Butch did not seem right.  Joe just did not know why.  He found out.

Turns out, the EPA was putting the screws to Butch, for no reason, and he reached his “Breaking Point”.

Or did he?

Joe leads a team of EPA special agents into the wilderness to find Butch and his hostages and bring him to justice, or kill him (which is what Joe is afraid of).

“Breaking Point” is the last of my current Joe Pickett marathon until the newest book comes out in paperback next year.

A great series, I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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