“Three Weeks To Say Goodbye” by C. J. Box

“Three Weeks To Say Goodbye” by C. J. Box

three weeks to say goodbye


Genre: Mystery / Thriller

4-Watertowers(Realistic and Scary)

Jack and Melissa McGuane recently adopted a happy, beautiful child, Angelina. They have come to love Angelina as their own.

One day, a Federal Judge (John Moreland) visits the McGuane’s and states that, since his son, Garrett,  is the birth father and had nothing to do with approving the adoption, the Judge will be taking Angelina back into the Moreland family.  The law is on his side.

But…..Jack decides this won’t happen, and he and his friends have three weeks to stop it.

In that three weeks……all hell breaks loose.

To read what happens you will have to pick up a copy or download it.

Excellent read.   C.J. Box rocks!

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