Book Review: “Below Zero” by C. J. Box


Genre: Mystery


Wyoming Game Warden (still on special assignment to the Governor) Joe Pickett’s daughter Sheridan gets voice mail from April.  WTF?  Joe saw April die a few of years ago.  But April knows stuff that only April can know, soooooo it must be her, as unlikely as that seems.

A Chicago mobster dying of cancer, his weird’ed out son (an environmentalist gone over the edge), and a teenage girl are on a car trip around parts of the west.

People are being killed for not be environmentally friendly.

April is texting her locations to Sherry telling her the men she is with are doing bad things.  Joe puts two and two together and the chase is on to find April and to bring down the mobster and his son.

What happens?

Well, you have to read “Below Zero” to find out.  Needless to say it is another great Joe Pickett book ….#9 in the series.  And the ending will require tissue.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: “Below Zero” by C. J. Box

  1. A short review, but with Pickett that is all I need. Tear jerkers are awesome sometimes a good cry is all you need to feel better. Been reading Shadows of Doubt by Mell Corcoran, a great read! Mysteries are my genre, Corcorans books are fantastic, I recommend, is her site! Thanks for the tip on Below Zero! It has moved to the top of my tbr list!


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