Book Review: “Badlands” by C.J. Box

Genre: Thriller

Grinstad, North Datkota is in the middle of an oil boom. The population has grown beyond the capabilities of the town and the increase in crime, drugs, prostitution, and murder has followed.

There are not enough police in town to stem the flow….

Kyle Westergaard, 12, was finishing up his early morning paper route in Grinstad, North Dakota when he witnessed a car crash on the highway. Two Sheriff department SUV’s were immediately at the scene. Kyle backed up his bike so he would not be seen when he stumbled on a package he thought may have come from the flipped over car.

He brought the package home…..

Two years have passed since the events in “The Highway”. Cassie Dewell is on her way to meet with authorities in North Carolina as they believe they have the Lizard King in custody.

They do, but, not for long……

Not happy in her job in Montana, Cassie has just learned that she has gotten the new job, as the Chief Investigator with the Bakken County Sheriff’s Department in Grinstad, ND.

Sheriff Kirkbride needs someone to investigate several unsolved murders and report only to him…..

As Cassie gets comfortable in her new job, body parts start showing up all over town, the druggies are without their needed fix as the drug flow has stopped, and a gang war is erupting.

What did Cassie get herself into…..?

To find out, you will have to read the book. 🙂

“Badlands” is a fantastic thriller. Every word is a cliffhanger and I had to put the book down only to rest my eyes. Brutal, gory, frightening to the max, Cassie Dewell reminds us that she truly is one, wild west, bad-ass.


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