C.J. Box

“Shots Fired” by C.J. Box

shots fired and blaze

4-Watertowers TracyReaderDad Book Reviews(Short Stories)

Genre: Thriller / Mystery

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“Shots Fired” is a selection of 10 widely varied short stories. It was interesting reading this book as I read one story and then I was done. Then I read another….done again. I loved them; short sweet and sometimes bittersweet.

Below is a a very short description of each….mini reviews befitting short stories. 🙂

“One Car Bridge” (Joe Pickett)

Old man boss, young kid driver, crazy post office employee, death

“Pirates of Yellowstone”

Poor Czech employees, Yellowstone microbes, death

“The End of Jim and Ezra”

Two entrepreneurs, winter storms, death

“The Master Falconer” (Nate Romanowski)

Nate beats a Saudi Prince at his own game.

“Everyday is a Good Day on the River”

Drift boat fishing, cheating wives, death

“Pronghorns of the Third Reich”

Wronged ranch hand, Nazis, pronghorn antelope, death.

“Dull Knife” (Joe Pickett)

Glow under ice, crashed car, dead basketball star

“Le Sauvage Noble (The Noble Savage)”

Paris Wild West Show, Cowboys & Indians, French Women, death

“Blood Knot” (Note: my personal favorite…)

Love over greed, “it’s not the blood, it’s the knot”

“Shots Fired: A Requiem for Anders Esti” (Joe Pickett)

Old sheep herder, escaped convict, death


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