Book Review: “The Disappeared” by C.J. Box

Genre: Thriller

Joe Pickett, Game Warden in Saddlestring, WY, is sent on a special assignment for (newly elected) Governor Allen. He is to pick up the investigation where the Wyoming DCI team left off….when the impetuous Governor fired them!

The orders from this asshole Governor are: “Do it or lose your job. And keep Nate Romanowski away from the investigation”

So funny….

Quick Update

The Pickett Family are still without a home (it was burned down in the last book) but, luckily, Tube (a Corgi / Lab mix), showed up alive and well. 🙂 So leaving home now will be tough on the Pickett family, but, on the bright side Joe will get to visit with Sheridan who has graduated from the University of Wyoming and is taking time to work for awhile at a 5 star dude ranch…..Silver Creek Ranch.

The assignment is to find out what happened to a well known (in the UK) London businesswoman Kate Shelford-Longden who, after spending her 7 days at the Silver Creek Dude Ranch, never made it back to London. The investigations (hindered by Gov Allen) have not made any progress and Joe is now on the case in Encampment, WY.

Guess who shows up? Yup, Nate, and he has time to help his best friend, Joe with the investigation (as long as he promises not to pull anyone’s ears off).

Take THAT Gov. Allen!

Also happening in Encampment, WY: Someone is burning “garbage” in a local saw mill incinerator. The smell of burning flesh is prominent at night, and the people who question it are in danger…..

But I digress…..oh, wait, I stop.

To see what happens, you will have to read the book.

“The Disappeared” is the second 5 WaterTower book in a row by C.J. Box. He is definitely hitting his stride with book #18 in the Joe Pickett series. He also is showing the humorous side of Nate and Joe….well, not Joe he is too straight and “Dudley Do-Right”, but, Nate is funny! Hitting a suspect with a live 4 pound fish before shooting him in the shoulder with his huge .454 Casull handgun, then, keeping the fish frozen in the truck (it is January and FREEZING COLD) for future use as a weapon is inspired writing. And very funny….if only Nate wasn’t so damn deadly.

Check out this podcast…..pretty cool.


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