C.J. Box

Book Review: “Blood Trail” by C.J. Box


Genre:  Mystery

SPOILER ALERT…do not read further if you have not read the previous books


Several months have passed since the end of “Free Fire” and Game Warden Joe Pickett, special assistant to the Governor of Wyoming, has been tasked to find the killer of several hunters.  He is investigating the killings alone since Nate is now in prison thanks to an FBI double cross at the end of the last book.

The hunters are being killed, hung upside down, gutted, and beheaded just like game animals that have been hunted.  A poker chip has been left at the scene of each killing.

Anti-hunting activist, Klamath Moore, is coming to town to show his support for the killer while Gov. Rulon has called a halt to hunting in the state until the killer is found.

The pieces start coming together for Joe, after an investigation direction spurred on by his friend Nate (who was freed to help Joe) pays dividends.

Will Joe find the killer?  Who is it?  You have to read “Blood Trail” to find out.

“Blood Trail” is very exciting.  Gory…..so beware.  Also, people die almost as much as in “Game of Thrones”.   In this book we lose a friend….very very sad.

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