C.J. Box

Book Review: “Paradise Valley” by C. J. Box

Genre: Thriller

Three years after the events in “Badlands”, Cassie Dewell has settled in as the “best Chief Investigator” Bakken County Sheriff Jon Kirkbride has ever worked with. Her 12 year old son, Ben, and mother Isabel are likewise thriving.

And, at 39 years old….Cassie is engaged!

Cassie is smart and persistent; a true bad-ass. After pursuing the serial killer of truck stop lot-lizard hookers known as the Lizard King for the past 4 years…..she, and the Department, are planning to spring a trap on that bastard (who, by the way, currently has a lot lizard in his truck’s hidden torture chamber).

He will arrive at the loading dock in Grimstad, ND in a couple of hours……

Meanwhile, 14 year old Kyle Westergaard and his friend, Raheem, are finally ready to embark on their great river rafting adventure to New Orleans.

Only a couple more hours, and the boys will shove off…..

A couple of hours later

The Lizard King’s truck arrives at the loading dock and backs into the dock to pick up his load…surrounded by deputies.

Kyle and Raheem cast off on their river adventure.


A month later

The Bakken County Sheriff’s Department was decimated.

Cassie lost her job, but, is now free of restrictions to look for the missing boys.

The Lizard King is dead…..

…..Or is he?

To find out what happens, you will have to read the book.

“Paradise Valley” is book #3 in the Cassie Dewell series, and it is terrifying, gory, brutal, and gritty. A fantastic book that I had to force myself to stop reading for the day……before my insides burst.


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