Book Review: “Inferno” by Dan Brown


Genre:  Thriller

4-Watertowers(History, Symbolism, Action)

Robert Langdon wakes up in the hospital.  He thinks he is close to Harvard University, but, when he looks out the window he realizes he is in Florence, Italy!

How in the world did he get there?  He has no memory of the past 48 hours, and to top it off, he has a bullet wound on the top of his head.  He had been shot!

Suddenly, the person who shot him, crashes into the hospital room.  She kills a Doctor and barely misses Langdon and another Doctor (Sienna Brooks) as they flee.

Sometime later Langdon finds a small chemically driven (he shakes it) projector hidden in his jacket.  The image  is that of a painting depicting Dante’s “The Inferno” although somewhat altered.  WTF.

Simultaneously, Dr. Bertrand Zobrist, a world famous geneticist, jumped to his death just a few blocks away from the hospital.  Zobrist had just spent the past year in hiding (thanks to the concealment efforts of “The Consortium” who he hired to do just that…keep everyone away while he worked).

We come to find out that Zobrist will release a plague….tomorrow.  The race is on to find the source of the plague and stop it.

“Inferno” is the next in the Robert Langdon series, taking us to Florence and Venice Italy and then to the climax in Istanbul, Turkey.  The source of the story is Dante’s Divine Comedy and epic poem “The Inferno” (Zobrist was a big fan…).

Excellent, fast, read with unexpected twists and turns that will literally leave you wondering how the human race can survive.

To find out what happens…you need to read the book, or wait a few years for the movie.  🙂


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