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I ran across this article on CNN this morning.

Very interesting and very scary for those of us who LOVE books, but, the changes in how bookstores evolve in the next few years will be interesting to watch.

To summarize the article:  Borders is going under chapter 11, and Barnes & Noble stock is down almost 80% since 2006.  The swiftness of the eBook phenomena took Borders and Barnes & Noble (and ME!) by surprise.  Of the two, B&N is doing the best job moving to the eBook world, but, the article says it may not be fast enuf.  It says that B&N will be closing stores (many of them) and / or downsizing and / or leasing out space (see my future below) in the once sprawling book aisles.  It sees Nook boutiques…and a whole new look for what once were the mighty “bookstore”.

The eBook trend has the publishing industry facing tough times ahead as well.  See this discussion between Authors Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath.

“These are interesting times, Harry”

My Future B&N

I can imagine the new Barnes & Noble housing a coworking location within it’s walls (hell, we already have B&N tables at AltamontCowork, see the above pic), with video conferencing stations for those who need to keep in visual contact with their company or attend meetings remotely.  Barnes & Noble coworking….how cool would that be?

There could be a section of the once large store where parents can take their kids while they cowork.  B&N Day Care.

The Cafe will stay, and a large section of Nook ebook readers and accessories could be located somewhere close.  In fact, a whole small community can evolve in a single empty B&N store; from fast food, to a small grocery, to whatever….this new community could be billed as a “green working environment”.

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