Book Review: “Paranoia” by Joseph Finder

Genre: Thriller

Adam Cassidy works for Wyatt Telecommunications.

He is a great bullshit artist and is very clever both of which just landed him in a lot of trouble.

With a guy from shipping retiring from Wyatt, Adam wanted to give him a farewell party worthy of all the work Jonesie has done over the years.

So Adam….cleverly hacked into a pot of Wyatt money ($78,000) to fund one hell of going away party for Jonesie.

Problem is….he got caught.

Meeting with security and the CEO, Nick Wyatt, Adam found that his powers of persuassion were not working… he faced prison time if he did not agree to spy on a competitor for Wyatt.

Adam, with a dying father who thinks he is a loser, agreed and was promptly trained by Judith Bolton and the head of security, Arnold Meacham, on the fine art of spying and refining his acting / bullshitting skills.

With a, made-up, stellar resume, Adam applied for a job at Trion…..and got it!

Then the spying began, and………

Oh, to find out what happens, you will have read the book. 🙂

“Paranoia” is a fun, fast, thriller with lots of harrowing near misses and interesting twists and turns….especially at the end!


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