Book Review: “Power Play” by Joseph Finder

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Genre: Thriller

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Jake Landry works as the assistant to Mike Zorn, the program manager of Hammond Aerospace’s new 880 airplane.  As such, Jake probably knows more about the mostly composite 880 than anyone in the company.

Mike is at the Paris Airshow when a competitors plane (and an 880 rival) crashes due to a flap failure.  Coincidentally, the QA manager in the Hammond fabrication plant has found a problem with the tail section of the 880.  Jake has to solve the problem as Mike has been sent to India to close a new deal after India cancelled it’s order for the crashed plane.

As luck may have it, Hammond is having their yearly offsite meeting of the executive managers. This meeting is held in a remote area where there is no Internet, no cell phone service… access to the outside world. They are there to bond and meet. Nothing else. Jake is invited (ordered) to go since Mike is gone. He does not want to go, but, the new CEO wants him there. Why?

In the company plane on the way to the retreat, the new CEO, Cheryl Tobin, and her assistant, Ali  (who happens to be Jake’s ex-girlfriend) secretly meet with Jake. Cheryl wants Jake to keep an ear open for anything odd among the male members of the executive management…in other words, everyone else.  Jake is not happy about this, but, reluctantly agrees.

At the retreat, smart-mouthed Jake is treated badly by the managers, but, holds his own.

The door smashes down and five fully armed “hunters” enter the room and take everyone hostage. They initially ask for $100 million, but, up that to $500 million after shooting, and killing, two executives.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Jake has a past that has prepared him for this situation…..

“Power Play” is an exciting thriller that could very well happen. Very scary and very real.  A great read.

To find out what happens….you will have to read the book.

Buy it here and help (Drive Safe!)


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