Book Review: “Pendragon The Soldiers of Halla” by D.J. MacHale

pendragon halla

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 5 WaterTowers (OMG awesome!!!!)

Spoiler Warning: Do not read this review if you intend to read the previous Pendragon books. This review will spoil it all and the series is way too good to let that happen!  Go here for reviews of all the previous books.

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Hobey Ho!

The adventure of Bobby Pendragon ends.  “Pendragon: The Soldiers of Halla” is the tenth and final book of the Pendragon series.  And a fitting end it is.

At the end of the last book, the Travelers (many of whom had died) meet once again and Uncle Press, true to his word, is there.  “The Soldiers of Halla” picks up where “Raven Rise” left off.

As the Travelers are walking they find themselves under missle attack.  No room for taking a break when you are a Traveler!

Halla has been lost.  All the territories are under the control of the Ravinians.   The successful chosen few live in idyllic Ravinian compounds (or seemingly idyllic), where the dados rule with an iron hand and can dole out a death sentence at any time. The outcasts live outside the compounds in terror and deplorable conditions.  Hope, for most people of Halla, is lost.

But, before I move on, lets take a step back.

The Travelers now know the whole truth.  They know where they came from, who they are, and find out that they each have extraordinary powers.   They also find out that the place they came from (and where they draw their power from) is hanging to life by a thread.  The territories inhabitants positive energy has been all but drained.  It is the positive energy, hope and happiness, of all intelligent life in Halla that gives life to “Solara”.

St. Dane has won.  Halla is his.  Negative energy is feeding St. Dane and his power is unmatched.

But hold on a second….apparently, there is a small ray of hope somewhere in the territories that is keeping the positive force of Solara alive….barely.  Bobby and the other Travelers (Loor, Gunny, Alder, Kasha, Spader, Patrick, Aja, Elli, Siry) job is to find those people and protect them.  If the “exiles” die, so do the Travelers, and St. Dane will be free to build his own universe.

Problem is…St. Dane is looking for them too.  And he wants to kill them all.

The race is on.

The Travelers are sent to their home territories to find the exiles (these are the 70,000 people who entered the giant flume in “Raven Rise”, the “Bronx Massacre”) and protect them at all costs.   Oh yeah..there are no more flumes, but, the travelers find out that all they have to do is think about where they want to go and take a step.  The next step they take will be in the territory they wanted to be at.  Pretty cool, wish I could do that!  🙂

I’ll keep this short….and also try not to ruin too much.   “The Soldiers of Halla” visits Cloral, Zadaa, Third Earth, and Eelong trying to find the exiles.  They find them at Black Water (you will need to read to know where that is) and the process of preparing for the final battle begins with the gar and exiles (“Yanks”) winning a battle against dados and klees.  Solara is rejuvinated and hope renewed.

But St. Dane is preparing for a much larger attack.

Will Bobby and the Travelers finally beat St. Dane?  Or will Halla crumble and Solara dim to nothing?  What happened to Mark and Courtney?   You will have to read the book (or the series) to find out.

“Pendragon: The Soldiers of Halla” is the perfect ending to a perfect series.  I am so glad my daughter, Kristen, suggested I read Pendragon.  A superb adventure ends, but, the characters will live with you forever.

Hobey Ho (for the last time)

Update August 2022: Kristen still has not read the last book! It’s here on the bookshelf waiting for her. 🙂



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