Book Review: “Pendragon The Pilgrims of Rayne” by D.J. MacHale

pilgrims of rayne

Genre: Fantasy

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The adventure continues with Bobby traveling to the idyllic tropical paradise of Ibara.

As he arrives, he is greeted by a swarm of killer bees….quigs….who nearly kill him. Luckily, he is rescued by fishermen and nursed back to health by Telleo a very attractive young woman with a knack for healing the sick and wounded.

Ibara is at a turning point and the quigs verify that Saint Dane is also there. Unfortunately, Bobby knows nothing about Ibara and finds it very hard to find anything since the first thing that happens to him when he feels better is he is arrested. As he is being detained, the security guards who are taking him to the “tribunal” arrest a small time thief and bring him along as well.

Meeting the three leaders of Ibara Bobby is allowed to go free (since he has claimed amnesia due to the bee stings) but, the thief must follow him around, as a sentence for stealing. This turns out to be a fortunate turn of events since the thief is the new Traveler (albeit reluctant) from Ibara, Siry. It was Siry’s Traveler father who was killed on Quinlan.

Siry is curious about where they live and it’s history. Ibara is a mystery to everyone who lives there except the three Tribunal members. Siry is curious and enlists Bobby (who can fight) to help them seek more information. Bobby needs to learn more about Ibara and decides that this is his best chance to learn. Besides, Siry, whether he wants to admit it or not, is a Traveler.

One night the troop of misfit kids led by Siry steal a boat and head out across the ocean to find the truth. They find it, and more, as several of the members of JaKill (the name they call their misfit band of kids) are killed and they discover thousands upon thousands of dado robots massing for an invasion of Ibara…and of course, Saint Dane.

Spoiler warning: If you want to see where they are, scroll your mouse over the next few lines. If not, continue reading below.

Ibara is an island in the territory of Veelox. Veelox had fallen several centuries ago and Aja Killian set up this idyllic civilization devoid of technology for the survival of Veelox…now it is at a second turning point.

Bobby and Siry barely escape and find that Saint Dane has not only brought dados from Quinlan, but, also skimmers from Chloral. He is mixing territories with abandon.
On First Earth, Courtney and Dodger (Gunny’s acolyte) try to find Mark and stop him from introducing Forge. Remember Forge is the technology that results in the dado robots….on First Earth, Courtney and Dodger battle…of course Saint Dane and now his disciple the traitor Traveler, Nevva Winter.

Fighting fire with fire, Bobby decides to do the same. With the help of Siry and Alder from Denduron, Bobby brings tak (the extremely explosive material mined from Denduron), the dado killer sticks from Quinlan, and the tunnel digging machine from Zadaa to help in the battle to save Ibara.

Does he succeed? What is success? Is Bobby just as evil as Saint Dane?

Bobby will soon learn not to trust anyone that comes into his life….the last page in “Pendragon The Pilgrims of Rayne” reveal a shocking turn of events to be continued in Book 9: Raven Rise.

This much I can tell you: The territories are falling…Saint Dane is winning and Bobby appears to be totally out of his element and overmatched even though the Travelers are ahead in the win column.

I have to say, these books cannot be put down. I walked away from two days of reading (while the family shopped in the Mall) dazed and dumbfounded. Every action Bobby takes is met with a more powerful counteraction by Saint Dane. Every time Bobby (or Courtney for that matter) think they have done the right thing, they learn that Saint Dane has turned it to his advantage. It is very frustrating….for example, mixing the territories is fine for Saint Dane but when Bobby does the same thing has left an opening for Saint Dane that may result in the fall of Halla.

In short: It is looking pretty grim for Halla….Convergence is underway.

4 down, 1 to go in the Pendragon Book Review Marathon.

Next up: “Pendragon Raven Rise”




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