Book Review: “Pendragon The Quillan Games” by D.J. MacHale

 Genre: Fantasy
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Rating: 5 Water Towers

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Imagine living in a territory where you can play arcade games all day long. These arcades are huge, with flashing lights, loud music, and challenging games. There are huge flat panel displays on the tops of every building showing super exciting competitions that you can bet on. Cool, huh?

Sure, if you don’t mind one of the penalties of losing or betting on the loser…..death.
In “Pendragon The Quillan Games” the battle between Bobby Pendragon and Saint Dane takes on an even more terrifying aspect. A challenger (Challenger Yellow) has been killed playing in the Quillan Games. Unfortunately, Challenger Yellow was a Traveler. Now, Bobby has been set-up to be the next great challenger….Challenger Red.


His life is in danger.


“The Quillan Games” divulges more information on Saint Danes’s plan for Halla. For example, we now know that the culminating event will be the “Convergence”, he is mixing territories on purpose, and a trusted Traveler has deceived Bobby and joined Saint Dane. On top of everything else, now Bobby has to fight two powerful evil demons.


Halla is starting to fall, and Bobby has all he can do to try to figure out Saint Danes’s next move.

On Second Earth, Mark and Andy Mitchell join up to design a really cool technology called Forge. This is a combination of Mark’s robotic expertise and Andy’s remarkable stretchable material. On voice command, the initial Forge prototype can change shape from a cube, to a pyramid, to a sphere. Very cool. The Forge prototype won Mark and Andy a trip to a Science Exposition in Orlando, FL.


Unfortunately, tragedy strikes and Mark disappears…..and the territories technology changed. The only people who notice the change are the Travelers (and Courtney who was in a flume at the time), since the change was made in the past, which changes the future. Arrrghhh….


OK, it is confusing. But as confusing as it is for the reader (and believe me it gets even more confusing) imagine being Bobby.


If I did not have 5 WaterTowers as my top rating, I would give “Pendragon The Quillan Games” 10 WaterTowers. The action is relentless, the deception unbelievable, the plot unpredictable, the tension palpable. D.J. MacHale has given Bobby more power, but, concurrently, has complicated (by orders of magnitude) the problems facing him.


With three more books left for me to read, it is easy to see that the rough ride is far from over. And since my daughter has recently finished Book 9: Raven Rise…I know this for a fact.


3 down in the Pendragon Book Review Marathon…..2 more to go, then the final book is due in May 2009.


Next up: Ibara.





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