“Pendragon The Never War” by D.J. MacHale

“Pendragon The Never War” by D.J. MacHale

the never war

Genre: Fantasy

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The third book in the D.J. MacHale series is a rousing adventure second to none. Yes, second to none and tied with one (I’ll let you guess….ahhh…….HP).

A real tum-tigger.

Bobby and Spader travel to Veelox where we meet Traveler, Aja Killian. Or rather, her floating holographic head informing Bobby and Spader that Saint Dane had been there but promptly turned around and headed for “First Earth”. (Saint Dane knew Aja was looking and would tell Bobby and Spader…he is an evil son of a gun with a diabolical plan to destroy Halla).

Upon arriving on “First Earth” Bobby and Spader find out that the “First Earth” flume location is the same as on “Second Earth”. The difference is that the subway station is busy with commuters, instead of deserted, and the year is 1937.

Mark and Courtney are reading Bobby’s latest journal 60 plus years after it was written. It turns out, Bobby lost his ring as he arrived on “First Earth” and the only way he could get the journals to Courtney and Mark was to place them in a safe deposit box in the local Stony Brook Bank with instructions for the Bank to notify Courtney and Mark on a certain day 60 years hence.

Time travel is complicated.

Immediately upon arriving on “First Earth”, two gangsters with submachine guns try to kill Bobby and Spader. Luckily the “First Earth” Traveler, Vincent Van Dyke (Gunny), is there to help them escape. Gunny is close to 60 years old and has only recently learned (from Uncle Press) that he is a traveler. He is the Captain of the Bell Hops at the very swank Manhattan Tower Hotel in Mid-town Manhattan. Gunny takes Bobby and Spader to the hotel and sets them up with a room and jobs so they have time to find out what Saint Dane is up to on “First Earth”.

Needless to say, they find out, and the action begins.

The action in this edition centers on the Hindenburg disaster. It turns out that the Hindenburg is a key turning point in the history of Earth.

Maximilian Rose is a notorious, very rich, gangster living in the Manhattan Hotel. His ex-partner and now rival is not rich and has a plan to destroy Rose. Since Rose is about to acquire great riches from Germany on the Hindenburg, the plan to destroy Rose involves destroying the Hindenburg. Unfortunately, behind everything the gangsters decide is…….Saint Dane.

Gunny, Bobby, and Spader work together (well, sort of) to figure out the plans of both gangsters and decide on the correct course of action to try to defeat Saint Dane on “First Earth”. Do they save the Hindenburg or let it crash? Whatever decision they make there is a lot at stake. If they fail, “Second Earth” and “Third Earth” will fall along with “First Earth”. With one roll of the dice Saint Dane can topple three territories. A great deal for him. A bad deal for the travelers.

Do Gunny, Bobby, and Spader succeed? Does the Hindenburg crash? Does Bobby get his ring back? Does Spader revert to his crazy desire to kill Saint Dane at any cost? How does Gunny help?

D.J. MacHale has finished eight of ten of the Pendragon series. Two more to go…..so if you are missing Harry Potter and friends, tune into Bobby Pendragon and friends. You will not be disappointed.

Believe me, on the evil scale Saint Dane beats He Who Must Not Be Named by a country mile.


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