Short Story Summary: “Hysterical” by Kelli Stanley

I am starting a new series of short story reviews. The stories are part of an anthology that will be in “stores” June 16, 2020. The anthology is published by Nasty Woman Press which this blogger is a member (scroll down to click on the logo). You can order “Shattering Glass” on Amazon Smile and support Drive Safe!. We love you and miss you so much, Carol.

I will not give a watertower ratings to these summaries, preferring to just give a very short summary of the short story. Full Disclosure for this first summary: Kelli is a good friend.

Troy Cavendish has boarded a small jet (an Embrarer) to Saginaw, Michigan and a much needed vacation in a small cabin on Hubbard Lake. He is flying first class.

He orders a beer.

His seatmate is Dinah Spivak and Troy is instantly attracted to her. With a short flight ahead of them, he figures he has a short time to convince her to go with him to his cabin for some…..well, you know.

Oddly, he seems to be the only man in first class, and being the sexist that he is, he wonders just how they (the women) can afford the flight.

Oh, well…….he has more important plans…..getting Dinah naked.

Before takeoff, he looks out the window and sees the person he thought he buried.

Standing on the tarmac.

Looking at him.


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