Book Review: “City of Sharks” by Kelli Stanley

Genre: Mystery

This is an ARC sent to me by Kelli Stanley.  It is due in “stores” TODAY (March 20, 2018).

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September 17, 1940

Louise Crowley is afraid someone is trying to kill her.

A secretary at Alexander Publishing, Louise has received threatening letters, was pushed into oncoming traffic, almost run over by a car, and received a box of chocolates laced with cyanide. Luckily she was saved by her friend, Roger, who spotted white powder in the box.

A couple of months after the events in the last book (funny how it seems like years), Miranda Corbie, Private Investigator, is waiting a few weeks before she heads to New York to board a ship heading to England where she hopes to find her long lost mother.

But……. before Miranda leaves, she has time for one last case in her beloved city of San Francisco, and she has decided to help Louise.

As Miranda digs deeper into Louise’s case, Louise’s boss, the publisher Niles Alexander, is murdered, and Louise is the main suspect.  Holding off the “bulls” from charging Louise (and her sister, Thelma), Miranda uncovers clues that point to various suspects including: Gangsters in Alcatraz,  jealous authors, Nile’s drugged out wife, an abusive son, the wife’s lover, Niles’s lover, and more.

While Miranda is busy chasing clues and suspects, she is still mourning Johnny, missing Rick (who joined the Army), lusting after Inspector Gonzalez, and pre-missing San Francisco.

So much angst, so many clues…….with a killer still on the loose, and the body count is rising.

“City of Sharks” is a complex murder mystery with so many twists and turns you will think you are on Lombard Street.  San Francisco history (spend some time with Kelli and you will learn a lot more!), famous people (Herb Caen and John Steinbeck), and danger, make “City of Sharks” a fascinating, fun, hard-to-put-down, read.

And… funny is this: Thelma and Louise. 😉

Coming soon….pictures of the book signing in Pleasanton, CA. 🙂

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