Book Review: “City of Ghosts” by Kelli Stanley

city of ghosts

Genre:  Mystery

4-Watertowers TracyReaderDad Book Reviews(Miranda Corbie returns)

Tracy, CA, July 1940

Sitting at my typewriter on a stifling hot evening.  The air in my office smells like Chesterfields and Bourbon…..the good kind.

San Francisco Private Investigator, Miranda Corbie has just left.

She needed a friend.  I was that friend.

Here is what I know. And what I can divulge.

Working on the recovery of a jade necklace, Miranda was visited by an old friend in the State Department. Someone she owes everything to.  The State Department needs her help.  War is imminent.  He asked her if she could follow a certain college professor to learn more about his activities than they have been able to learn.

Her predecessor in this task was murdered.  Miranda is expendable, but, capable. With luck, she might crack the case.

The principles in the jade theft….all murdered.  Miranda is a suspect.

Miranda uncovers a degenerate art recovery scheme where original masterpieces are captured and……I can’t divulge more.

Top secret: State Department.

Miranda is troubled. The love of her life is dead. Two handsome men are after her (three if you count me) and she is torn between intellect and brawn.  Her mother is thought to be alive, her deadbeat dad is.

So much going on.  She needed a friend to talk to to help her sort her life out. Someone out of the City.  Someone safe.

I was that friend.

To find out what happens to Miranda, you will have to read “City of Ghosts”.  Excellent noir.  (My attempt to imitate, not so good.)


Caveat:  I am not an objective reviewer since, for the past 5 years or so, I consider Kelli Stanley a friend. A friend I have not yet met face-to-face, but, one day, soon, there will be an old man standing in line with a bottle of the finest bourbon one can buy in Tracy, CA, and a book to be signed, then…..we will meet.

UPDATE October 25, 2015: We met, yesterday….and it was thrilling!  Read my blog describing the events.


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