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“The Alexandria Link” by Steve Berry

Genre: Thriller Rating: 2.5 Water Towers Steve Berry is a gifted author. His previous efforts were all four or five WaterTowers. Unfortunately, my expectations for The Alexandria Link were higher than what was delivered. This is the second installment with Cotton Malone as the hero (“The Templar Legacy” being the first). This book seems forced and formulaic with little suspense

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"The Templar Legacy" Book Review

I’ve been reading a lot this year…just finished “The Templar Legacy” by Steve Berry. I have read all but one (his latest hardcover). He is one of my favorites (I have about 10, but, some are favorite favorites like Perri O’Shaughnessy and Steven Frey (see the first blog entry). The Templar Legacy hit a nerve and really “frightened” me. That

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