Author: Mike Pihlman

  • “Tongues of Serpents” by Naomi Novik

    Genre: Fantasy This is Book #6 in the Temeraire series. For those who don’t know. Temeraire is a dragon Because Laurence chose to help save the lives of hundreds or, possiblly, thousands of dragons from a horrible disease (many of them French) he has been found guilty of treason and sent to Australia with Temeraire. […]

  • May 2022 Thrillers

    Lots of new books to add to your summer reading list! Double Shot Death by Emmeline Duncan Now or Never by Ann Simas The Gray Detective by Stephen Burdick Crawl on Your Belly All the Days of Your Life by William J. Donahue Serpent’s Doom by Connie di Marco Absence of Grace by Kevin St. Jarre Worst Case Scenario by Larry Enmon […]

  • Short Story: “Casino” by John Grisham

    Genre: Thriller A short story included in John Grisham’s book: “Ford County: Stories” Bobby Carl Leach is Clanton’s most successful near-do-well. He has built his empire on small businesses, multiple housing units, a tractor supply company, trucks, and real estate. When his gambling debts mounted, one or more of his places mysteriously burned to the […]

  • April 2022 Thrillers

    Lots of new books this month! Enjoy. The Catch by Lisa Harris The Beaten Track by Louise Mangos Crossbones by Diane L. Kowalyshyn Under Lock & Skeleton Key by Gigi Pandian Death In Kabul by Alison Belsham & Nick Higgins An Imperfect Plan by Addison McKnight Blackshirt Masquerade by Jason Monaghan Condo Crazy by Yvonne Rediger Gone to Her Grave by Wendy Dranfield Gambling […]

  • “Daylight” by David Baldacci

    Genre: Thriller This is book #3 in the Atlee Pine series. Immediately after the events of the last book…..FBI agent Atlee Pine and her assistant, Carol Blum are sitting outside of Andersonville, Georgia calling their boss, Clint Dobbs. The purpose of the call is to get his permission to head off to New Jersey to […]

  • “Dark Sky” by C.J. Box

    Genre: Thriller Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett and Rancher Brock Boedecker are waiting at the Saddlestring airport for the arrival of Silicon Valley billionairre and social media (ConFab) tycoon, Steve Price aka Steve-2, to land in his private jet. Joe and Brock are ready to start the elk hunting expedition that Wyoming Gov Colter Allen […]

  • “The Leopard” by Jo Nesbo

    Genre: Thriller After the events of “The Snowman”……Harry Hole has disappeared. Again…. His boss, Gunnar Hagen has sent Detective Kaja Solness to find him, and, following a lead…..she did. On the bright side, Harry is not getting drunk on alcohol as he tends to do between books, nope not Harry, now he is whacked out […]

  • March 2022 Thrillers

    A bunch of new books this month for your reading list! Summer is coming. 🙂 Behind The Lie by Emilya Naymark Ghosts of the West by Alec Marsh A Life for a Life by Carol Wyer The Trouble with Murder by Vanessa A. Ryan The Enlightenment Project by Lynn Hightower Eyewitness by T.R. Folsom Missing in Miami by Kathryn Lane Mirror of […]

  • February 2022 Thrillers

    A few new books this month to add to your TBR shelf. 🙂 Enjoy! A Lethal Deception by Rachel Amphlett Protocol by Jeff Zwagerman No Beauties or Monsters by Tara Goedjen The Night She Went Missing by Kristen Bird Now Was After by Dan Lawton Surviving the Lion’s Den by Matt Scott The Seven Truths of Hannah Baxter by Grant McKenzie A […]

  • “Killing Floor” by Lee Child

    Genre: Thriller Six months after leaving the Army, ex-military policeman, Jack Reacher, is having the time of his life. He is free to go where he wants to go, do what he wants to do…..and answers to no one but himself. Hopping a bus in Tampa he is heading toward Atlanta, when he decided to […]

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