Book Review: "Extreme Measures" by Vince Flynn


Rating:  4 WaterTowers (Rapp unleashed)

Genre: Thriller

Bagram Air Base in Afganistan is holding two high level al-Qaeda prisoners. They have just been assured fair treatment according to the Geneva Convention by several ultra-liberal Senators, including Senator Barbara Lonsdale, the chairwoman of the Judiciary Committee.

A half a world away, a terrorist cell (the last of three) led by Karim Nour-al-Din is training his team of elite commandos in the Triple Frontier of South America.  Their ultimate target is Washington D.C.

The arrival of Mitch Rapp at Bagram Air Base marks the end of fair treatment for the two al-Queda operatives.  One willingly gives information on the third cell (two others have been intercepted by the CIA) while the other needs a bit of coaxing…..Mitch Rapp style.

Unfortunately, the “Extreme Measures” Rapp used to get information did not go over well with the higher ups, or Senator Lonsdale, and Mitch ends up in a pile of trouble. The tracking down of the third terrorist cell takes a back seat to politics, lawyers, and hearings.  Arrrghh….

As the laywers and politicians try to villify Rapp, Irene Kennedy (the head of the CIA and Mitch’s boss), Mike Nash (Rapp’s employee)…..the terrorist cell training continues and they evolve into a brutal, efficient, fighting force.

Karim suspects one of his own of feeding information, and brutally kills him in front of the others. Karim, as the time gets closer to invading the U.S.A., becomes more focused on his impending greatness and, in the process, becomes much more brutal.

When the day to leave the Triple Frontier arrives, the team efficiently attacks a drug trafficking airstrip killing everyone and taking a plane to Cuba (along with the drugs). There they use high speed boats to enter the U.S. via the Keys.

Against the rules, the CIA has introduced operatives in Mosques in the U.S.  But because of the  Judicial Committee hearings against Rapp and company, the operatives are called back….and the Mosque operation terminated.  Chris Johnson is one of those operatives.  He meets with Nash and tells Nash that something is happening and he needs 48 more hours.  Nash gives it to him, but, requires him to check in twice a day.

The terrorists make their way to Washington D.C., Johnson does not check in, Rapp gives the Senators a piece of his mind, and all…….oh, you will just have to read the book to see what happens.  I will say that the ultimate battle takes place in a location that will shock you.

“Extreme Measures” is unique in that it explores all the sides of every equation.  You understand and even root for (not sure that was intentional) the terrorists as they train hard and diligently plan the attacks.  You understand why Rapp and Nash (a family man who realizes he needs to spend more time with family) need to apply their own brutal methods to gather information, and you understand how the Senators (who are not on the front lines) feel about “Extreme Measures” being used to interrogate prisoners.

“Extreme Measures” is a terrific continuation of the Mitch Rapp series!  I highly recommend picking it up.   And, yes, Mitch Rapp and Vince Flynn both still rock!


Here is Vince talking about “Extreme Measures”


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