Book Review: “The Whole Truth” by David Baldacci

the whole truth

Genre: Thriller

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Rating:  3 WaterTowers

The video went live at midnight universal time.  Then it went viral.

“My name is Konstantin.  My name was Konstantin,” he corrected.  “It is too late for me and my family.  We are all dead now.  My wife, my three children, all gone.  Do not forget me, and why I died.  Do not let my family perish in vain.”

Russia is killing thousands of people, according to Konstantin, he and his family among the dead.  The threat of Russia turning the terror outward is beyond frightening. That fear brings into focus the real threat in the world….and that threat is by far the once all powerful Russia.  The Middle East is forgotten..a new Cold War threatens.

Demonstrations against the Red Menace erupt around the world. Governments fear a third World War, and ramp up the purchase of weapons to protect themselves from the rampaging Bear.

Nicolas Creel is delighted.  Trillions of dollars will be made and his company, The Ares Corporation, will benefit greatly from the military build up.

The Red Menace, as far as the world is concerned,  is the whole truth.

Shaw is an operative in a super secret organization run by, but hardly known within, the U.S. Government.  His job is to rid the world of vermin.  His 5 year tenure in the organization (forced tenure or he would have been in prison) is one year past due and he wants out.

Shaw proposed to his girlfriend, a scholar working at The Phoenix Group think tank in London,  Anna Fischer.

Katie James is a recovering alcoholic and a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, now assigned to the obituary pages.

Anna is curious about the Red Menace.  She finds a blogger that thinks the Red Menace might be contrived and write an email.

Very bad move.

A massacre kills many people in London and Katie James and Shaw team up to find who is behind the Red Menace and the massacre.

To find out what happens….you will have to read the book.  I would pick up a paperback version…or borrow it from the library or a Nook friend.

“The Whole Truth” by David Baldacci is an interesting book, but, not up to my expectations of David Baldacci.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Baldacci, but this book seems forced where all the others were easy.

Example:  I wondered why it was so easy for a relative amateur (James) to follow Shaw while he was planning a mission, and then to get close enough to hear critical details.  There are several other times where Shaw, who is supposedly the best, proves that he is not.

“The Whole Truth” shows us that the truth as we know it could be manufactured to benefit the few.  The Internet allows instantaneous access to information. The validity of that information should be questioned, but, often times is not.  Superficiality supplants depth.  Mass hysteria begets the truth.  Scary premise…

After finishing “The Whole Truth” (which came out in 2008) I decided to read  the second book in the Shaw series, “Deliver Us From Evil” which is Baldacci’s latest release next.  So far it is crackling good, very hard to put down.


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