Book Review: “N is for Noose” by Sue Grafton

Genre: Mystery

Rating: 3 WaterTowers

Tom Newquist was found dead several weeks ago in his car in Nota Lake, CA.  Tom was a Nota Lake detective in the local Sheriff’s Department.

The past few months, Tom had seemed distracted and distant.  Now that he is gone his wife, Selma, hires Private Investigator Kinsey Millhone to see if she can find out what was bothering Tom.

Hanging around Nota Lake and asking questions Kinsey very very slowly starts to uncover bits and pieces of Tom’s last few months.  The more she uncovers, the more trouble she finds until one night someone broke into her hotel room and dislocated a couple of her fingers…all in an attempt to scare her off.

Hmmm, they obviously do not know Kinsey!

The information she gathers leads her back home to Santa Teresa (or rather to the nearby town of Perdido).

Slowly, the clues lead to a double murder and back to Nota Lake where Kinsey suspects the murderer lives and works in the Sheriff’s Department.  Yikes!

“N is for Noose” is a lot slower to develop than most of Sue Grafton’s books.  An occasional clue pops up, but, most of the time Kinsey is just asking questions.

The ending picks up speed as Nota Lake turns against Kinsey.  Of course, she gets her man / woman …but not before a life threatening situation.

I must tell you…the murderer is a surprise, I really thought it was someone else….  🙂


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