Book Review: “One For the Money” by Janet Evanovich

Genre: Mystery

(fun and fast)

Stephanie Plum was laid off from her job as a lingerie buyer for a local (Trenton, NJ) department store.  Needing money quickly she turned to family and out of the goodness of his heart (not) her cousin Vinnie hired her to be a “skip tracer” in his bail bonds company.

As luck may have it, one of Vinnie’s best bounty hunters, was in the hospital, so Stephanie picked up his case load.

Her “luck” continued when she found out that the most money could be made by bringing an old neighbor (with whom she has had sex with) to justice.

Among a host of problems for Stephanie: She has zero experience with guns or apprehending people. The skip, Joe Morelli,  is a cop on the run with skills that Stephanie cannot match and she still has the hots for him. To top it all off… champion boxer (Benito Ramirez) with a sadistic streak….. is after her.

Murders start piling up and a sinister drug ring is uncovered.  LOTS of action.

“One For the Money” is a fast, fun read.  The humor is infectious and the violence sudden and shocking.  I am glad I finally picked up this book, and now, have another really cool female lead character to fall in love with.  Nina, Kinsey, Jimm, and now Stephanie.

Oh yeah…this is gonna be a movie staring Katherine Heigl.  The trailer looks true to the book (well….as close as a movie can get anyway).


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