Book Review: “Skipping Christmas” by John Grisham

skipping christmas

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23 year old Blair Krank has just graduated from graduate school and is heading to Peru for a stint in the Peace Corps.  Her parents, Luther and Nora Krank say goodbye and return to an empty house.

Being Thanksgiving, Luther comes up with a plan for Christmas.  His plan is to skip it.  After all, they spent $6,100 last year on Christmas with nothing to show for it.  Being an accountant, he decides that he and Nora could save money this year and have some fun on a cruise.

No Christmas tree, no Frosty on the roof, no Christmas Eve party, no Police calendar, no Firemans fruitcake  no office parties….nothing.  They spend time getting a tan and planning  their vacation in paradise.

Until Christmas Eve morning.  The phone rings and Luther reluctantly answers it.  It is Blair calling from Miami telling her parents that she and her new fiance, Enrique, are headed home for Christmas so Enrique can see all the Christmas cheer, that, unfortunately, the Krank’s just skipped.

Ooops….they have only a few short hours to get it all together.

“Skipping Christmas”  is a hilarious account of how one couple bucks the norm and how everyone else pressures them to not skip Christmas. Then how everyone bands together to help.  This is a short book (less than 200 pages) and is a fast easy read. Great fun.

A movie “Christmas with the Kranks” is a fun, 2.5 Watertower, rendition of this book starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen.


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