Book Review: “The Target” by David Baldacci

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Genre: Thriller

After surviving the events of “The Hit” America’s two best agents, Will Robie and Jessica Reel, who were meant to kill each other, are now paired as the United States’s number one secret operative team. In “The Target”, they are assigned the most dangerous mission ever attempted: To kill the supreme leader of North Korea.

There are only a few problems standing in the way:

1. Killing the leader of another country is against the law, but, the President is working with only a few people to make this happen.  If it fails, he could be impeached.

2. CIA director, Evan Tucker, hates Reel and wants her dead. If Robie is part of the deal…so be it.

3. Jessica’s long lost estranged father wants her dead. If Robie is part of the deal….so be it.

4. North Korea’s most accomplished assassin, Chung-Cha, is after Reel and Robie, and she is, possibly, the most lethal killer in the world.

“The Target” follows these multiple plot lines, and more, as Robie and Reel team up to face challenges from all sides.

“The Target” is a fast, interesting, read. The complex weaving of multiple plot lines culminate in an action packed, shocking and sad, ending.


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