Book Review: “Pirate” by Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell


Genre: Thriller

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October 9, 1216

King John of England is transporting his treasure when he falls ill. His loyal soldiers, William the Marshal and Hugh Fitz Hubert, are leading the advance scouting team when they are attacked by their own colleagues…..traitors working for King Louis of France bent on acquiring the treasure and taking control of England.  William and Fitz Hubert defeat the traitors and William rides back to the dying King John.  Once there, the two decide to “lose” the treasure to save the new King, 9 year old Henry.

Present Day

Sam and Remi Fargo are taking a well deserved vacation in San Francisco.  Sam already has a surprise set up for Remi, and Remi has plans to purchase a rare book, “The History of Pyrates and Privateers” to surprise Sam.

However, purchasing a copy of the book is Remi’s only choice….even though she wanted the original. She paid her money and was about to leave the rare book store with her gift wrapped book, when a man comes in to steal the very same book that Remi was hoping to purchase.

Sam returns to the store and a fight ensues, but, the robber escapes with the rare book….or so he thinks.

Sometime later, Remi and Sam realize that they have the original book (!) and, surprisingly,  there is a map showing the location of a “key” to a long lost treasure hidden within the book’s end pages.

The vacation is put on hold while Sam and Remi travel the globe searching for the key to the treasure….a cipher wheel, and hopefully, the treasure itself. Unfortunately, others are looking for the same treasure, and they are more than willing to kill to find it.

Will Sam and Remi find the treasure?  More importantly, will they live long enough to find it?

“Pirate” is the 8th book in the Sam and Remi Fargo series, but, the first one I have read.  If you read my reviews, you know that I am a stickler for reading books in order, but, in this case, Facebook friend, Robin Burcell is the co-author, so I broke that rule.

“Pirate” is a fun read, but, I was lacking the depth of characters I normally like when I start from Book #1.  I need to go back to #1….OK, I read “Spartan Gold” the first book in the Fargo series. “Pirate” is better, but, click here to see my review of “Spartan Gold”.

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