David Baldacci

“No Time Left” by David Baldacci


Genre: Short Story Thriller

4-Watertowers TracyReaderDad Book Reviews

Frank Becker is a paid assassin.

He is very good at what he does, even though he professes to be a coward.  He kills with a knife or poison, but, his kill rate is 100%.

In this short story (very short), Frank finishes one job with his normal efficiency.

The next call comes in, and he travels to meet the person who will hire him, but, he feels uncomfortable.  Something feels off, but, these are feelings he has learned to put aside, since this is a job, only a job.

Frank gets half of his payment up front and travels to where the killing will take place……WTF?

“No Time Left” is disturbing and fantastical.  I guessed the ending long before the last page arrived, but, it was still a fun, VERY SHORT, read.  (I read it while my battery was being checked at Sears….:-)

Buy It! (for 99 cents)

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