Book Review: “Trap the Devil” by Ben Coes

Genre: Thriller

“Trap the Devil” by Ben Coes is an ARC sent to me by the publisher, and signed by the author.  It is due in “stores” on June 20, 2017.

This is the first time I have read a book by Ben Coes, and it won’t be my last.  🙂

Madrid, May 1979

A 17 year old Saudi Arabian terrorist detonated a vest bomb in a Madrid train station.  Among the dead was the young daughter of Bruner.

CIA, June 1981

A distraught Bruner is leaving the CIA.  But CIA director, William Casey, has an offer Bruner cannot refuse: To lead a top secret paramilitary unit consisting of single (i.e not married) special forces men. Order 6’s mission is, ostensibly, to protect the President, but, it also also forms a no-holds-barred assassination team, accountable to no one.

Present Day

Bruner is a bitter 74 year old man. To this day, he blames Muslims for the death of his beloved daughter so many years ago.  Problem is, he has both the power, working in the gov’t, and the people behind him who feel the same way as he does…….that ALL Muslims must die.

The plan to eliminate the world of Muslims is about to unfold.  Bruner and his team of haters are about to take over the U.S. Government…..a coup. Then, when they are in power, they will launch a worldwide attack of epic proportions, killing millions and millions of people.

Only one problem: The wife (Romy) of a Bruner assassin (Kyrie) overhears a phone call detailing the take over.  Romy is put in a mental institution (to save her life) where she escapes, and is now the only person who can foil Bruner’s plot.

Enter Dewey Andreas, ex-SEAL, and current CIA operative, who is assigned the duty of investigating a mass killing in a Mosque in Canada, the murder of the Secretary of State in Paris, and the drowning death of the Speaker of the House in Georgia.

Who is next?

To see what happens, you will have to buy the book when it comes out.  🙂

“Trap the Devil” is a “I am stressing out and need to close the book to recover” kind of book.  An intense roller-coaster ride of action, tension, and peril.  Think Matthew Reilly mixed with James Rollins, then fasten your seat-belt and brace yourself for a wild ass ride.

Loved it!


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