Book Review: “Citizen Kill” by Stephen Clark

Genre: Thriller

“Citizen Kill” is an ARC sent to me by the author.  It is due in “stores” July 4, 2017. Thank you, Stephen, for sending a second book to set free for’s Book Drop for Literacy.  🙂

A team of highly trained CIA assassins were tasked to take out two mastermind terrorists.  Although they completed their task, one of their own was killed during the operation, and another was blamed for her death.

Pending a review, the entire team is on administrative leave.

Justin Raines lost his girlfriend, Lauren, in that black ops operation.  He is in mourning, but, has been given a new off-the-book assignment by his CIA boss, Eric Kindel:  To assassinate Muslim enablers before they can enable terrorists to attack within the USA…..even if they are USA citizens.

With several kills under his belt in this new operation, Justin feels something is wrong.  He is killing citizens who all seem to be innocent.

His next kill assignment, Zahra Eve El Sharif (a US citizen), runs a Muslim school for children when her school is raided by the FBI. The FBI thinks her school is training would-be terrorists.

Although Zahra is cleared by the FBI, the CIA adds her to Justin’s kill list.

Does Justin kill Zahra, or does he let that nagging feeling that something is not right with this operation get the better of him?

To find out, you will have to read the book when it comes out in July 2017.  🙂

“Citizen Kill” is an excellent, exciting, fast, read. Timely and scary in that what happens in the book could very well be happening in the dark real world of 2017.



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