Book Review: “The Rooster Bar” by John Grisham

Genre: Thriller

Mark, Todd, Gordy, and Zola are best friends entering their last semester at Foggy Bottom Law School in Washington, D.C.  Foggy Bottom is a for-profit law school…

and the four students each will owe an average of $200,000 in loans after graduation.

With the job market non-existent for new lawyers, and crushing debt on the horizon, Gordy stopped taking his meds (bipolar), started drinking heavily, then did some research on Foggy Bottom and the people / organizations that run it.  After giving Mark, Todd, and Zola a presentation on his findings…..Gordy committed suicide.

Devastated, Mark, Todd, and Zola, decide to drop out of Foggy Bottom, change their names, and open up their own “law firm”.  They trolled the courthouses and hospitals for clients, asked for cash payments and helped those in need…..themselves.

No one bothered to ask if they were lawyers, until the would be lawyers go after the main person in charge of Foggy Bottom and other for-profit law schools and banks.  Then all hell breaks loose.

“The Rooster Bar” is a wild ride on the dark side of law where renegades collect massive amounts of money using guile, guts, and a fair amount of luck.

Until their luck runs out…..or does it?

To find out, you will have to read the book. 🙂



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