Book Review: “Nemesis” by Jo Nesbo


Genre: Thriller


This is book #4 in the Harry Hole series.


“The Setesdal Twitch,” she said

“The Setesdal Twitch”?”

“He went down like a ton of bricks”, poor thing”

A local bank is being robbed.  The robber has the assistant do all his (or her) talking while he (or she) whispers in the assistants ear.  The bank manager has 25 seconds to fill the bag with money or the robber will kill the assistant.  It took a few seconds longer than 25 and the robber shoots the assistant in the head….killing her instantly.

An old flame, Anna, comes back into Harry’s life just as he is happy with Rakel and Oleg (Rakel’s 10 year old son). Old sparks fly, Harry resists, but, cannot.  Waking up in the morning with a terrible hangover, Harry goes to work only to find that Anna is dead….suicide (or so everyone but Harry thinks).

Still mourning the murder of his partner, Ellen, in the last book, Harry is now paired with Beate Lonn a shy but gifted detective with the ability to see things in a video that no one else sees and, more remarkably, she remembers every face she has ever seen.

Together, Beate and Harry follow the clues trying to solve the bank assistants murder, while Harry works to figure out how Anna died, and, he is still trying to solve Ellen’s murder from a year ago.

Busy guy.

On the bright side, Harry (a raging alcoholic) stays sober throughout the book. And that’s a good thing……since Harry needs to keep his head clear as his own murder could be next.

“Nemesis” is a cerebral novel with less action and more deception, research, and intrigue.  A terrific book that is very hard to put down while furthering Harry’s story as a troubled, but brilliant, detective. Twists and turns abound, but, the clues are in plain sight as you read the book.



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