Book Review: “Red War” by Vince Flynn / Kyle Mills

red war

Genre: Thriller



“Red War” is an ARC sent to me, as a Mitch Rapp Ambassador, by the Publisher.  It will be in “stores” September 25, 2018.  #MitchRappisBack

The President of Russia, Maxim Krupin, has just found out that he has a brain tumor of unknown consequence.  That initial diagnosis squares with the symptoms he has been experiencing, but, more tests, and treatment, are required.

Mitch Rapp is at home helping Scott Coleman recover from his injuries two books ago. The recovery is taking a long time, but, Scott is finally coming around and is ready to take on another assignment.

Former enemy, but in the last book, ally, and the one who inflicted the injuries on Coleman, Grisha Azarov has left Russian employ to live a comfortable life in Costa Rica with his girlfriend, Cara.

Krupin feels his illness will allow his enemies, both in and out of Russia, to take advantage of his weakness during treatment.  He decides there is only one person he can trust to hold down the fort while he is out of touch, Andrei Sokolov.

Krupin and Sokolov hatch a plan to keep his enemies at bay by eliminating a few of them and…….starting a war.

If nice guys finish last……Krupin and Sokolov plan on finishing first.

There is only one problem: Mitch Rapp.

To find out what happens, you will have to buy the book starting on September 25, 2018. 🙂

“Red War” is a fantastic thriller by Kyle Mills.  A scary, fast moving, action packed, story that, with only a few name changes, could have been taken from today’s headlines.







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