Book Review: “The Forgotten” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller

“The Forgotten” is book #2 in the John Puller series.

Plot Line 1

After the events in “Zero Day” Army Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Warrant Officer John Puller took some time off to recover.

With only a week to go before heading back to work, John’s father, ex-Army General John Sr. (who is in a VA Hospital suffering from dementia), receives a cryptic letter from his older sister (John’s aunt) in Paradise, Florida. In the very short letter, Betsy Puller Simon said that:

  • There were mysterious happenings at night
  • People are not who they seem to be
  • There is a general sense of something not being right

There were no names in the letter, only her phone number and a request that Sr. give the letter to Jr.

Sufficiently curious Puller decides to spend his remaining vacation time in Paradise, Florida…..

What he finds in Paradise is SHOCKING and DEADLY.

Plot Line 2

Mecho is a giant of a man with special skills.

He was briefly kidnapped and held on an abandoned oil rig with hundreds of other people. The people all had on different color shirts to designate their relative worth for the people in charge of this particular human trafficking operation.

Mecho overpowers the guards, jumps from the oil rig into the Gulf of Mexico, and swims. Many hours later (with some help from two fishermen) he lands in Paradise, Florida just in time to witness the murder of two senior citizens out for an evening stroll.

Mecho feels bad he could not help, but, it happened so fast, and, he just swam 20 or so miles to get here.

He needs to regain his strength, as he has other important work to finish…..


Multiple deaths later….the two plot lines converge and all HELL breaks loose.

To find out what happens, you will have to read the book. 🙂

“The Forgotten” is an action packed thriller from one of the best in the business. Puller, being an extremely intelligent ex-Ranger, is a formidable opponent for those with a criminal bent, and he is not afraid to give them their due.


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