Book Review: “Out of the Dark” by Gregg Hurwitz

Genre: Thriller

I have been writing book reviews here for over 12 years and have NEVER had two books in a row, from the same author, with 5 Watertowers. Until now.

Evan Smoak was “recruited” into a secret government organization as a 12 year old where he was taught the skills he needed to become an off-the-books assassin: Orphan X.

A few years ago, Evan left the Orphan program to become “The Nowhere Man”. A person who would help anyone who called 1-855-2-NOWHERE and asked for help.

Evan now leads two lives: A hard-working cleaning supply salesman and apartment dweller with a sometimes girlfriend, Mia, and her son Peter, and his real job as “The Nowhere Man”.

After the events of “Hellbent” Evan has taken care to make sure Joey is safe while he takes up his next task: To kill President Bennett.

He does not know WHY President Bennett is killing off Orphans except that it has something to do with Orphan X’s first assignment as a 19 year old assassin in 1997. Although he would love to know WHY, he is focused, first and foremost, on the task at hand.

Knowing that Orphan X has targeted him (Evan called and told him), the President is pulling out all stops to kill Evan first. Even going so far as to recruiting (meaning getting him out of jail) Orphan A, the original Orphan.

The task of killing a sitting President is monumental and Evan is spending a good deal of time researching and planning. Joey is helping from her massively parallel computer cluster at school, and he unexpectedly gets an assist from Orphan V (Candy McClure). We also meet Secret Service agent, Naomi Templeton, who, thanks to Joey, unknowingly lends a hand.

Then Evan’s RoamZone buzzes.

Trevon Gaines needs help and The Nowhere Man is the only person he can turn to.

Juggling his planning to kill the President and helping Trevon, Evan is stretched to the limit as hell is reigning down on him from all sides……

Will he survive? Does he complete his tasks? Does he reconnect with Mia? Does he drink vodka? Does he finally kill Candy?

No, Yes, No, Yes, Yes (in no particular order). To find out the correct order, you will have to read the book. 🙂

“Out of the Dark” is another fantastic thriller by Gregg Hurwitz. Fast, complex, brutal, and scarily news headline worthy (it even has the words quid pro quo…..yikes!). Several Orphan X story lines are explained / resolved, and, I suspect that the next book will return to featuring “The Nowhere Man” and his efforts to become a “normal” human being re: Mia, Peter, and Joey….but, I’ve been wrong once before. 😉

That said……I am soooo ready for “Into the Fire” which comes out in January 2020.


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