Book Review: “Into the Fire” by Gregg Hurwitz

Genre: Thriller

“Into the Fire” is an ARC sent to me by the publishers. It will be in “stores” Jan 28, 2020.

Max Merriweather is the black sheep of the family: Divorced from the love of his life, barely scraping by, unhappy. He considers himself a loser.

Grant Merriweather is the opposite: The CEO of a very successful accounting agency, he is living the rich life and is happily married to the love of his life. His family loves him and he considers himself a winner.

Grant gave Max (who is the last person anyone would associate with Grant) an envelope to give to a local reporter in case anything happened to him.

Well, it did…..and now Max the loser is alive while Grant the winner is dead.

Max does not know where to turn as he finds the reporter in her house……dead.

Panicked, Max knows he is in way over his head and has nowhere to turn. Stopping at a diner, with his head spinning, he sits next to a man who counts his breathing and asks him if he needs help. Max does, so the man gives him a number to call:


“Do You Need my Help?

Thus starts the events in “Into the Fire” which Evan Smoak insists will be his last as The Nowhere Man. He wants to live a peaceful life and make amends with District Attorney, and fellow resident of his apartment complex, Mia (and her son Peter).

Unfortunately, as soon as Evan thinks he had finished helping Max, another villain pops up, then another, then another……Evan Smoak cannot seem to “retire” and he has to use all the skills he learned as “Orphan X”, with help from another former Orphan, Joey, and her computer hacking wizardry, to try to eliminate the multiple threats before Evan himself is eliminated.

Does Evan finish this one last job as The Nowhere Man or……?

To find out, you will have to read this FANTASTIC book.

Fast, furious, scary, and chocked full of harrowing action, “Into the Fire” is the latest book in the, so far, five book “Orphan X” saga that is one of the best thriller series I have ever read…..if not THE best.


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