Since this blog will contain-mostly-book reviews, I may as well give you a taste of what my taste is and what authors and genre(s) will be covered here.

First and foremost…I like Thrillers. Kind of an odd name since I associated Thrillers with Horror when I was younger. This is not the case however, so you will rarely see a horror book here (“Dracula” being the exception, and one of the best books I have ever read). The Thrillers I like are intrigue from many different areas (not in any order except, be it known, that Perri O’Shaughnessy is my all time favorite author…both of them).

1. Courtroom / Legal: Perri, John Grisham, John Lescroart, David Ellis, Steve Martini, Scott Turow

2. Mystery / PI: Sue Grafton, Sean Chercover (see mini-review below)

3. Finance: Stephen Frey, Christopher Reich

4. Medical: Robin Cook

5. Spys / Killing / Murder / Techno: Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills, Brad Meltzer, Tim Green, Brian Haig, Alan Folsom, Stephen Coonts, Mike Lawson, W.E.B. Griffin (next book review here will be on “The Hostage”….almost done reading it), Gayle Lynds, David Baldacci, Brad Thor, Barry Eisler, and last but no way least, the late great, Robert Ludlum. (I stopped reading Clancy when his books got too burdensome)

6. General Adventure: Clive Cussler (of course!), Matt Reilly, Steve Berry, Dan Brown (anyone heard of him?), Michael Crichton, James Rollins

7. Misc (for me): Bob Schieffer (yea, a non-fiction, but Bob is GREAT!), J.K. Rowling, Bram Stoker, Robin White, Elizabeth Kostova, Lewis Perdue (way more violent than the others..), Michael Wiecek, and last and by no means least, the greatest of all: John Steinbeck.

As you can see…there is plenty of reading to do, and lots of reviews to come, and I am always picking up a new author to try.

For example, I had a HarperCollins early read of “Big City, Bad Blood” by newcomer Sean Chercover. I can’t wait for his next book! Mike Lawsons’s ” The Inside Ring” was also in that can’t wait is a quicky (mind your thoughts!) on “Big City Bad Blood” which I also posted on Amazon…

“Terrific book! Hard hitting true-to-life hero, Ray Dudgeon,

is one tough PI. Ray is “conflicted” and respects the fact that life is not as easy (or virtuous) as he thought it would be when he was young, but, he has not given up trying to make the world a better place. The action is fast and furious with a few twists that take you completely by surprise. Sean Chercover has written a great book in his first outing. I am looking forward to a sequel. Ray Dudgeon is easily right up there with established characters such as Mitch Rapp and Nina Reilly. “

3 thoughts on “"Author and Genre Overview"

  1. Sorry I did not see this. I was new on “blogger” when your comment came in. I have “Perfect Killer” now in hardcover and will read it after “Takedown”. I am looking forward to reading it! 🙂


  2. Many thanks for including me on your list of thriller writers you like. I do think that my books have gotten less violent in the past few books.

    Try Perfect Killer if you haven’t yet.


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