Book Review: “Perfect Killer” by Lewis Perdue

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 3.5 Water Towers

Dr. Brad Stone is a well known Neurosurgeon with radical ideas about consciousness and the universe. He is an ex-Marine Recon operative, and……one of 2% of humans who are natural perfect killers.

Not someone you would want to pick a fight with.

“Perfect Killer” tells us about about a long running secret government study “Project Enduring Valor”. This projects goal is to develop a chemical that can transform any soldier into a perfect killer. The idea is that normal troops in battle are very inefficient. This inefficiency comes from the fact that normal human emotion inhibits a soldiers ability to kill another person. Bullets are wasted, and more troops (and supplies) are needed to achieve victory. If an Army of perfect killers were to exist, that Army would be very cost efficient, fearless, and could dominate the world as no Army ever has.

Project Enduring Valor has had some success stories and many failures over the decades of secret experimentation. One success story is retired General Clark Braxton who happens to be a shoe-in for the Presidential nomination, and is favored to win the election. Braxton is pushing for the creation of the perfect killer army using the latest, and best, Project Enduring Valor drug: Xantaeus. Unfortunately, Braxton is becoming increasingly harder to control via his dose of Xantaeus and has become a ticking time bomb of the worst kind.

Dr. Brad Stone becomes involved via a lifelong friend (and love), Vanessa, a lawyer who is defending an old Project Enduring Valor subject accused of murder. At Brad’s mother’s funeral, a murder occurs and Dr. Stone becomes the target of those who suspect Vanessa passed him information detrimental to the ultimate implementation of Project Enduring Valor.

As the story progresses Dr. Stone, with the help of Vanessa’s daughter and several others, learns more about the plans to create this army of perfect killers and tries to diffuse the effort. The action that follows is interesting and fast paced.

Are they successful in their efforts to stop Braxton? Will the next President be a perfect killer gone bad? Is your neighbor a perfect killer waiting to snap? You will have to read “Perfect Killer” to find out.

I enjoyed “Perfect Killer” but be warned: it is not an easy read.

Lewis Perdue is a very descriptive writer providing vivid details of the scenery, the mood, and the violence. He takes the reader on a cerebral thriller ride that spans classical & quantum physics and theories that human consciousness effect the time and space continuum. He theorizes that the universe may hold the thoughts and memories of everyone who existed and that, somehow, these memories might be able to be reconstructed as if accessed from a huge hard drive. Pretty heady stuff for a simple electrical engineer and substitute teacher to digest. 🙂

The ending is simply perfect as it leaves the reader unsure if “Perfect Killer” is fiction or a well researched work of non-fiction.

Lewis Perdue commented (see comments). Here are some facts that formed the basis, including pics of the locations, of “Perfect Killer”.


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