Book Review: “Protect and Defend” by Vince Flynn

protect and defend

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 4 Water Towers

“Mitch,“ Kennedy cautioned, “stay away from him until I say the time is right.”

“Fine, but we are going to kill him, aren’t we?”

“Yes, we are.”

Thus ended “Act of Treason” in 2006.

In late 2007, “Protect and Defend” opens with Mitch Rapp in Costa Rica tying up that loose end in typical Mitch Rapp fashion.

“Protect and Defend” follows today’s news headlines as Iran is building a nuclear weapon facility in the city of Isfahan. It is there we meet an old janitor, Moshen Norwrasteh, going about his normal boring daily activities. Moshen has worked at the facility for almost 2 years and because of his ability to fix anything electrical he has fit right in and is very well liked and trusted.

On the day we meet Moshen, Lebanese terrorist Imad Mukhtar is also at the facility checking security. Mukhtar was sent (by the diminutive, volatile, irrational Iranian President Amatulah) to the facility to meet with leader of the Iranian Ministry of Intel and Security, Azad Ashani.

As Moshen is heading towards his workshop, he spots Imad and Azad and immediately recognizes Imad as one of Israel’s most wanted terrorist. Moshen knows this because he is really not a janitor, but, a deep cover spy working for Mossad.

The time to destroy the facility was scheduled for later today. However, the appearance of Imad moves up that timetable a bit so that Adam Shoshan (aka Moshen) could kill two birds with one stone.

Setting the timers on the explosives attached to the supporting structure, Adam leaves the facility just before it implodes and collapses on itself much like the Twin Towers collapsed. Unfortunately, Azad saves Imad’s life….an event that will come back to haunt Azad (who is a capable honest leader) later.

This monumental event sets in motion the remainder of the action in “Protect and Defend”.

President Amatulah blames the United States and Israel for bombing the facility. He rattles his saber threatening to send Israel into the water and to destroy the United States. He threatens the U.S. and Israel with sanctions in the U.N. and gathers allies in this effort. The delicate balance of peace with Iran has tipped in favor of unrest and possibly war.

Mitch Rapp, a covert assassin involved in the Middle East, comes up with a bold plan. Presenting this to the newly elected President Alexander and his boss, CIA Director Irene Kennedy, the plan to discredit Iranian President Amatulah is put into play.

Unknown to Mitch and Irene, President Amatulah and Imad have a plan of their own that puts the U.S. and Iran at the brink of war and CIA Director Kennedy in great peril.

What President Amatulah forgot to account for was Mitch Rapp. Big mistake.

To find out what happens you will have to read the book…but only if you have read all of Flynn’s other books…in order since circumstances, and deaths, occur that you need to be aware of. Soooo, if you have not yet read a Vince Flynn book, and want to, please start with “Term Limits” and proceed from there. You will not be disappointed.

As you may know, Vince Flynn is one of my top all time favorite authors and Mitch Rapp is right up there with Nina Reilly as my favorite long running characters (recently joined by John Rain and Bobby Pendragon). I have read every Vince Flynn book nearly the minute it has come out. They are all terrific and so is “Protect and Defend” which is a linear-action-packed-high-speed-bullet of a book that I read in two days. I could not put it down.

Mitch Rapp rocks, and so does Vince Flynn.


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