E-Book Sales Increasing


I stumbled across this article on the increasing sales of the electronic books (E-Books).  

UPDATE: Jan 6, 2009  Here is another interesting article on this subject on CNN.  

Amazon’s Kindle appears to have gathered the approval of Oprah (see the post directly below this one) and is now out of stock until Feb 2009.  Other E-Books are stepping in to fill the gap.  

I am a technology geek (see my other blog in the right hand column–>) but, I am also a BOOK lover.  I have written about this before on this blog, but, here I will say it again:

There is nothing like the smell and feel of a real book.  Walk into the Library or a bookstore….what do you smell?  Books….lots of books.  You can walk around, pick up a book, skim through it, read the cover, read the first few pages, read about the author..then grab a cup of coffee and sit and read. 

I will always opt for a real book.  

But….if E-Books encourage people to read, then this is good.   And the march of time may lead to a world where E-Books will dominate….maybe I should just learn to live with it.  Maybe I’ll get a Kindle to review for my other blog….my two worlds coming together.

Until my next real book review (“L is for Lawless”) happy reading!  E-Book or real book…


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