Book Review: “Lords of Corruption” by Kyle Mills

lords of corruption

Genre:  Thriller

Rating:  4 WaterTowers

“It didn’t matter, though.  There wouldn’t be anything there to talk to, to plead with.  Still he felt he should say something.

“I thought I could help”

Gideon just raised the machette. “

Thus we lost Dan Ordman (who became multiple Dan’s) and a replacement needed to be found.

Josh Hagarty just graduated with an MBA (3.94 GPA) to complement his degree in engineering.  Unfortunately, he is finding it difficult to find a job and is about at the end of his rope.

When he was younger Josh was not perfect….spending some time in jail.  As soon as his potential employers find this out, interest in Josh fades away.

Josh’s teenage sister, Laura, is struggling at home with their drunken mother and opportunistic step-sister, Fawn.  Laura is a very bright teenager and Josh wants to make at least one right move and help Laura get the education she deserves.

As Josh is drowning his sorrows, in walks a recruiter from NewAfrica, a “nonprofit focused on creating sustainable agricultural projects in Africa”.  It turns out that Josh is one of only two people in the United States that NewAfrica is interviewing.

How lucky……or not.

“Lords of Corruption” follows Josh as he is offered the job and moves to Africa.  Once there, Josh meets iconic reporter, JB Flannary, Katie another nonprofit worker, Gideon, and, most importantly, Tfmena, and Annika a nonprofit worker from Norway.

Right from the beginning the situation does not seem right.  At the airport, Josh is accosted by a guard and his money and MP3 player are taken.  Luckily, Gideon shows up and gets the stuff back (using force).

When Josh and Gideon arrive at their final destination, Josh sees that the terracing project he has been put in charge of is going very poorly.  There is a tractor, but, it has been stripped and whatever tools the workers have are in disrepair.  A real mess.

Rebels regularly attack civilians and the omnipotent President Mtiti rules with an iron fist.  Killing innocent people (sometimes by the hundreds) is not a problem for his Excellency.

Death and despair are everywhere.

But Josh has hope that he can help.  So do the others.  But to maintain that hope, they have to focus on the small successes, not the big picture.

Josh is quick to make friends (he is refreshingly honest and straightforward) and just as quick to figure out that NewAfrica is not what the world thinks it is.

After some digging, Josh finds out the truth. Then NewAfrica turns on Josh and his friends and family. NewAfrica does not want the truth to come out.

Dan found out what happens, now it is Josh’s turn.

“Lords of Corruption” zooms along at hyper-speed as Josh, Annika, JB, and Laura attempt to out smart, and bring down, NewAfrica and Mtiti.

Do they succeed? Who lives and who dies? You will have to read the book to find out.

Kyle Mills is one of my favorite authors (yeah….you know I have several favorites) and I was star struck when he wrote to me and asked if I wanted to review this book. I still am.

“Lords of Corruption” is right up there with Kyle’s best…if not the best.  I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys intense, fast paced, action and intrigue.  You will not be disappointed.


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