Book Review: “Dead Air” by Mary Kennedy

Genre:  Mystery

Rating:  3.5 WaterTowers (fun lighthearted mystery)

This is an ARC sent to me by Mary Kennedy.  It was new in stores this month.

My wife could not believe that super manly me (how funny) was reading a pink book! I  took it to restaurants and the Jury Room without the need for a cover (like Perl Programming Made Easy).  Hey…I’m secure.  😉

Well…..I read “Dead Air” and it was great!  Every now and then a good lighthearted mystery lifts your spirits (as much as murder and mayhem can), “Dead Air” did just that.

Sidestory:  In an email conversation with Mary Kennedy she told me that her agent sold the book in 24 hours with five words:  “Frasier Meets Murder She Wrote”.  Since I liked both shows, it was a no brainer for me to read “Dead Air”.  And, how cool is this, a “Lilith” even shows up…

Maggie Walsh, a beautiful, 32 year old psychologist, left New York City for sunny Florida (Cypress Grove) seeking a fresh start with cool job as a radio show host.  WYME’s “On the Couch with Maggie Walsh” is less than a stellar performer (tied for last with “Bob Figgs and the Swine Report”) in a small market.  But Maggie gets her fair share of interesting guests and, one in particular, promises to boost her ratings.

Guru Sanjay Gingi is a well known “New Age prophet” from Miami.  He has written several best selling books and has hoards of loyal followers.  The instant he enters Maggie’s radio world, she feels she is in the presence of a charismatic con man, not a prophet.

During the show, Guru Sanjay helped sooth the psyches of a number of callers and the show was a rousing success.  Guru Sanjay invited Maggie to his conference the next day at the Seabreeze Inn (which happens to be next door to Maggie’s house).

At home that night, Maggie describes her meeting with Guru Sanjay with roommate Lark Merriweather.  Lark, as it turns out, loves Guru Sanjay and would give anything to meet him.  After dinner, Lark excuses herself and leaves the house for the drugstore. Or so she said.

The next morning Maggie gets a call from the station asking if she can cover the early news.  They are short handed because of the big news:  Guru Sanjay was dead.  And it looks like murder.  Yikes!!!

At that moment, handsome Detective Rafe Martino was knocking on Maggie’s door.  It turns out that Lark is a suspect in the murder and there appear to be no other suspects the police are pursuing.   Double Yikes!

Time for Maggie to jump into action and find the killer.

“Dead Air” moves at an even brisker pace from here as Maggie and, later, her mother, Lola an aging (ha…she is MY age!) actress, find several people with motive to kill Guru Sanjay (who we find out is not the nicest guy in the world).

Does Maggie find the killer?  Is it Lark?  Do Rafe and Maggie hook up?  Hmmm, you will have to read “Dead Air” to find out.  🙂

I really enjoyed this first book in the “A Talk Radio Mystery” series.  Mary Kennedy tells me that all three books have been turned in, so I suspect the wait for the next one will be, thankfully, short.

If you want a quick, fun, lighthearted mystery to read, you will definitely enjoy “Dead Air”.   Frasier meets Murder She Wrote indeed.

Parting thought:  Sure glad radio station WYME radio is not located west of the Mississippi.  😉


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